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Kansas City bartending tap truck

What do our services include?

All of our services include a team to service the taps and pour the drinks, and we’ll even provide the cups! We coordinate the pick up and return of kegs, so all you have to do is decide what to serve. Our prices include set-up, take down, and endless Instagrammability, of course. Our services do not include the price of alcohol.

Our services start at $700. Please reach out to us to get a quote for your event

What can Fizzolino serve?

Just about anything you want! We can tap beer, of course, but we can also tap wine — including sparkling wine, like Prosecco, — and even cocktails, like margaritas! If you’re looking for non-alcoholic options, we can tap soda, kombucha, and cold brew coffee, too. If you dream it, we can tap it!

What is Fizzolino, anyway?

Fizzolino is a 1998 Piaggio Ape — a glorified Vespa with a truck bed. She was purchased in Italy during our four-year military tour and brought back to America to spread the joy that only a little 3-wheeled truck can. Fizzolino is a mobile bartending truck with three taps that can serve for your event.

What kind of events do you do?

We’ll do any kind of private event! If you want Fizzolino to help you celebrate your wedding, birthday party, office party, business launch, pizza party — we’re there. If you just want us to come to your house to be the most adorable kegerator there ever was, we’re in.

Kansas City wedding bartender
Kansas City wedding bartender

Do you sell alcohol?

Though the bulk of our business is private events, we can look into selling by the glass as a collaboration! Reach out to us if you have something in mind.

Who did the work on your truck?

We had a group of awesome friends who helped us get our truck up and running! Graphic designer Theresa Berens designed our logo better than we could have ever envisioned, and our old pal and neighbor Jeff Dahlor did the wood work inside our truck! If you’re looking for recommendations on the other work, just send us a note and we’d be happy to refer you to the talented folks who helped us get started.

What does Fizzolino mean?

The suffix “-ino” is usually added onto Italian words, to make something small. For example, our son was called “patatino” when he was born in the Italian hospital — patata for potato, “ino” for little — so, little potato. Apes are little, so we thought “little fizz,” but with an Italian flair, was a perfect name for our truck.

How do you pronounce all this?

Fizzolino — fizz-oh-lean-oh — is a Piaggio Ape. But it’s not ape, like the primate! It’s ape, or the Italian word for honey bee. And it’s actually pronounced “ah-pay” — with some hand gestures, if you want to really be Italian.